MCMF - The Lyricist

MCMF has been writing and recording Hip-Hop music since he was 16 years old. He has released 3 full-length albums and collaborated on 2 more with fellow NJ artist, Spa. In addition to his own projects, MCMF has been featured on many others throughout the last 10 years.

The Hackettstown, N.J. native likes to blend his lively east coast sound with elements from many other genre’s of music, such as: Pop, Rock, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae.

MCMF’s music has been streamed over 50,000 times globally.

MCMF - The Producer

MCMF started producing music while he was attending college at the University of West Virginia. His original beat production setup included only a 88-key Roland Midi Controller and the software Reason by Propellerhead.

Today, MCMF uses a variety of equipment to produce his music, but his staples for almost every track are a vintage ASR-10 sampler by Ensoniq, Native Instruments Maschine and a Korg Triton Taktile 25-key Midi Controller/Synthesizer. The 33-year old producer likes to blend these sounds with a variety of other live instruments.

MCMF’s production can be heard throughout his solo albums, and was recently featured on the Television Show “Bad Girls Club“ on the Oxygen Network.

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